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I am first of all a real bearded professional Santa Claus serving the west Georgia area. I'm a member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santa's (IBRBS), Peachtree Santas of Georgia and the Real Bearded Santas of North Georgia. I love being Santa and making children happy. There is nothing like the smiles on the children’s faces when they see Santa and it warms my heart.

But while looking for items I needed as Santa I found that there just wasn’t many of the items I wanted available. So I got the idea to start this business while looking for many of the items I now sell. I started with backpacks. Which is the best tool I have as Santa. I fill it with everything I need to do a home visit or corporate gig. With things like extra gloves, glasses, books to read to the children and giveaways. So when I have a gig I just suit up and grab my backpack and know when I leave I have everything I need when I walk out the door. The children get a kick out of seeing Santa with a backpack with his name on it. One child asked for one for Christmas in 2018. Then I added aprons and tote bags when I found the quality I was looking for. It took nearly a year of having manufacturers sending me their best to find the quality I was looking for. Then I started looking for travel items like garment bags and duffel bags. Many Santa’s work in malls and need something to carry their suits in to the mall was my thoughts. From there I thought about offseason storage that was safe and moth proof. That’s when I added the Breathable bags! Please look at the description of these to see just how safe your suits, Robes and dresses are when stored in these. I do recommend you add Moth away to the bottom of the bag each year and never use moth balls.


That is how we began and hope to help you with all of your Santa needs in the future.

Future Items and appreciation for our customers 

I’ll be adding floral hat pins, some jewelry and other items in the near future. But please tell me what you would like to see me carry for you. I want to be your one stop shop for all of your Santa and Mrs Claus needs. I hope you will re-order year after year and tell all your friends where you shop. 

We appreciate you!

I’ll also be giving a reward on your next order for referring a customer who purchases from us. You will always get a coupon code to use on your next order to save you money and to show you we appreciate repeat business. 

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